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Sylvania metals energy consumption

During the year our electrical teams continued to endeavour to streamline the power supply process in the interests of both the operations and the environment

Average power consumption per plant

Plant KVA kW Power Factor KVA kW Power Factor KVA kW Power Factor
Millsell 1,790 1,720 0.96 1,750 1,680 0.96 1,870 1,850 0.99
Mooinooi 3,160 3,000 0.95 3,430 3,210 0.94 2,750 2,710 0.98
Lannex 1,990 1,490 0.75 1,810 1,390 0.77 1,640 1,250 0.76
Doornbosch 2,480 1,910 0.77 2,710 2,050 0.76 2,690 2,100 0.78
Tweefontein 1,690 1,280 0.76 1,720 1,490 0.87 1,820 1,480 0.81
Lesedi 1,350 1,270 0.94 1,320 950 0.72 1,160 840 0.72

The plants are running consistently despite the lockdown period declared by the South African Government from the end of March, where approximately six weeks of operations were lost. The plants were placed in a “care and maintenance” mode for the duration of lockdown, using minimal power.

Cable theft is an ongoing threat and as many practical solutions are being employed as possible to prevent this.

Power Factor Correction has been installed at Lesedi to accommodate the newly installed ball mill and spiral plant, resulting in a very minor overall consumption increase. The Mooinooi Power factor has been set to run consistently at 0.95.

The new dedicated power supply at Millsell has resulted in a more reliable source with fewer outages, barring cable failures due to water ingress into joints in the main supply cable. The return water system at the site is now being supplied by the same source as the plant to avoid stoppages due to council outages.

Historically, Tweefontein and Lannex have been co-generating electricity. From March 2020 however, the main supply to Lannex was upgraded and the need to co-generate fell away. Tweefontein co-generates approximately 10% of their power, but this requirement will fall away once work at the national power utility’s local substation is complete by the end of the calendar year. The generators at Tweefontein will thus become standby units only.

Power factor correction equipment is planned to start at Lannex by Q1 FY2021. Doornbosch is set to commence shortly thereafter. The result will be to reduce the plants’ overall energy consumption, making this available for the host mines.

The Doornbosch plant consumption has been consistent but the host mine was experiencing power constraints from the national power utility supply. A generator was installed. Since the beginning of the year however, the mine’s consumption was reduced owing to operational issues. There is now an adequate supply for the Sylvania plant and the generator will be used for standby purposes.

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